Day 28: Why I Joined Microcampus

Why did I choose to go to Microcampus? That’s easy. I love Shanghai. I love school, I love my friends, my teachers, and my life. But after a while, your love for Shanghai becomes more of a love for the routine. And after an even longer while, the routine ends up boring you to death. Every day started to feel the same as the day before. I could hardly differentiate between them anymore. That’s why when an opportunity like Microcampus came up, I was more than excited and willing to take the chance to go. Microcampus could give me a chance to get a fresh start, with a group of new people and a place I have never been to before. 

Another reason why I chose to come to Microcampus, was because of the new opportunities it offered to expand intercultural understanding. The expanding of intercultural understanding was something that really spoke to me, and made me really curious and excited to want to take part in the program. In Shanghai, everyone kind of lives in their own little bubble. Everyone focuses their attention inwards, and there really is not enough room for people to look outwards on life. However, in Xizhou, things are different. Looking outward into the community is something that you have to do, as well as making the connections with people inside the village. I think that is one of the things I valued most about this trip and is one of the driving factors of me wanting to come here. 

I’ve heard of Microcampus from many different students that were a part of the Microcampus alumni. From what they’ve said, Microcampus is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do things you have never experienced before. Even before I knew what Microcampus was exactly, I have wanted to be a part of the program. I wanted Microcampus to be a highlight of my middle school years, and I think it really has. 

I definitely knew that before we were offered the chance to take part in this trip, it would definitely be a challenge on so many habits I have accumulated in Shanghai. Mr. T made it very clear that there were going to many challenges and hardships throughout the trip. Although it seemed intimidating at first, I really wanted to change some of my habits in Shanghai, and Microcampus seemed like a good place to do that. Mr. T has very clear rules, and we have to make sure everything we do follows the box. I am so thankful for Mr. T and Ms. Mai for caring so much about us, and for really helping us through this process. 

In the end, I can very proudly say that I definitely made the right choice coming to Microcampus, and I wouldn't change anything for the world. 

My name is Alan Z, and I am a 13-year-old eighth grader in SAS Puxi. I was born in the US, and right now I live in Shanghai. I am so happy that I got to be a part of the Microcampus program. I was in Xizhou for 4 weeks, and I am really grateful for everyone who helped me throughout my journey.