Day 27: Edge

The morning sun stung my eye from completely opening, and everything remained in the minute slit that's fragmented by eyelashes. Limited vision forced me to seek for something afar, and soon, the memories of past and visions of future obtained conciouses of their own and seemed to tamper my thinking about the present. Time blurred and the acts of moving seemed to have lost its meaning. Everything seemed to become the things I've lost and will lost, positivity rested in a distant state of mind.

Though I'm not sure what I'll feel at the end of it all for our footsteps have yet reached the airport door, but something inside me indeed began to brew. A nameless emotion that perhaps I currently do not seek to name but I knew it was going to come one way or another in one form or another in an uncontrollable storm that will fail my intergration back to my home a month ago. Serenity balanced on a razor's edge. 

I'm fourteen years old and was born in America, Minnesota. However, my family moved to Shanghai when I was 1 year old, after that, I have lived in Tianjin for a while, then moved back to Shanghai. The days at Xizhou had been very memorable and taught me a lot, I will certainly return to visit at times in the near future.