Day 26: Presenting Our Service Learning Videos (and Dali Old Town)

Today at 3:00 PM, all four work groups presented their Service Learning Videos. My work group picked up Mr. Yang at his house at around 2:30 PM and walked him to Yang Zhuo Ran. I was actually much more excited that I expected to be. Mr. Yang had came to Yang Zhuo Ran the year before, so he knew his way around quite well. We were the first group to arrive, and we still had 10 minutes before the presentation, so we walked around the house with Mr. Yang. When another group arrived, we brought our service learning partners together to meet each other, and was surprised to see what happened. Mr. Yang firmly patted Mr. Zhao on the back, and Mr. Zhao turned around, exclaiming "Yang Ji SHEeeeng!". They turned out to be highschool classmates, and immediately bonded.

Once the clock reached three, everyone was inside classroom 1 and Mr. T started his introduction, and then played our videos. I watched Mr. Yang and the other service learning partners as they watched everyone's videos, and they smiled and laughed when they saw each other. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Yang said "good!" to us in english, and "thank you!". It was a great experience to have a real, live audience watching my video and reacting to my video.

After the presentation, we welcomed our guests to snacks downstairs in the courtyard and sat down, chilling and chatting. We took a few pictures with Mr. yang and our service learning group, and I was proud of myself and my group. When it was time, we walked Mr. Yang back to his home.

At 4:45, our entire group earned a trip to Dali Old Town! I went in a group of three with Carlos and Maddie. As usual, we stuffed ourselves with western food. One thing we all had in common in our group was the fact that we all liked to sing. So we sang, watched the eclipse, and went home.

Hey everyone, my name is Rena and I am a student in SAS Pudong. I have lived in Shanghai for around half my life, and grew up in New York. Some of the extracurricular activities I do in school include swim team, AMIS orchestra, and MUN. Microcampus was a great experience and I am so glad to have embraced this opportunity! Good luck to all future groups, and have fun in Xizhou!