Day 25: Embroidery

The power is back on today and hopefully it will stay this way for the rest of our microcampus trip. My day mostly consisted of embroidery and working on my final project. As well continuing to bundle up in layers and layers of clothing to stay warm. During lunch, the people at Dali Old Town Snacks helped us to set up a table outside, where we could sit under the somewhat warm sun and eat delicious food. In the afternoon, Vanessa, Amy, and I went over to find Ms. Li so she could help us learn how to embroider. It was a very fun and peaceful experience that I hope to enjoy after we get back to Shanghai. There was still snow on the rooftops that were beginning to melt and drip down to the ground. Also, today I saw 2 cats, a tiny kitten in a box over at Si Fang Jie and a black cat roaming around the embroidery place meowing every in a while. Afterwards, I had a very productive afternoon completing much of my final product. All that I have left to do is a voice over and I will soon be on my way to having a check-in with Mr. T!

Hey, my name is Nicole and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in San Francisco, California and my parents are from Taiwan. Throughout my life I have moved 5 times so I am a pretty social butterfly. Leadership and taking risks are things that I feel confident at. Photography, dance, and swimming are my hobbies and passion. I had a very delightful time exploring new cultures on my microcampus experience in XiZhou and will miss it deeply!