Day 22: The Calm Before the Storm

The night before our inquiry projects were first due, we were allowed to go out around Xizhou at night and observe the activity difference during the day and night. For some reason, after 7 at night, a hush seemed to fall over the village, the lights became dim and many of the shops had closed down. A stroll around SiFangJie was incredibly peaceful and we walked around for a long time not saying anything. Brandt L. and I spent a bit of time at the man-made pond near the highway. We watched the fishes torpedo through the water and jump above the surface before splashing back in. We saw many different families or couples walk around the place... Just peaceful moment before the work due date...


After Microcampus, my life has been greatly affected by the new and different experiences that were offered during Microcampus. From being able to work efficiently and effectively to having meaningful conversations with (at first) strangers around me. I know understand the difference between "giving" and "trading" and the awareness of impact. How that perhaps people in need aren't necessarily always wanting gifts, but instead a trade, a bond, an understanding between two drastically different people. I also realized how much could be gained from just viewing the world around us and not just our smartphones and computers. For once, I noticed how the buildings were set up in a certain way or how some certain art was covered, I feel this type of education has been more effective than any other program I have ever tried out.