Day 20: Completed and Approved

Yesterday we finished finding background information to put in our Phase 3s. I feel very accomplished seeing that it got completed and improved, especially since we have been working on it since around the time that we arrived here in XiZhou. Today we completed Phase 4 which is all about drawing up an outline for what we plan our final product to be. I cannot believe that we are already coming to a close, time has gone by so fast it is absolutely unbelievable. However our final prodicts for our inquiry projects are not the only important project that we will be presenting soon. We also have our service learning movies to complete. Earlier this afternoon my study group and I went around the market to find elderly that would be willing to tell us information about their experience during China's older days. We found some very helpful people, but unfortunately they were scared to have a video of them taken and put onto the web. Especially since we are talking about a very sensitive topic that not everyone is willing to talk about and express to others. Hopefully tomorrow we will find a perfect candidate!

Hey, my name is Nicole and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in San Francisco, California and my parents are from Taiwan. Throughout my life I have moved 5 times so I am a pretty social butterfly. Leadership and taking risks are things that I feel confident at. Photography, dance, and swimming are my hobbies and passion. I had a very delightful time exploring new cultures on my microcampus experience in XiZhou and will miss it deeply!