Day 10: Distant Sounds

After lunch today, I spent my hour of wellness sitting under the sun resting and reading a book on the terrace.  It felt nice to find a quiet place where I could read without distractions, as well as enjoy the nice weather. Especially after this morning, when Mr. T informed us that the pollution in Shanghai was over 300. It feels great to be able to safely breath in air here in XiZhou, allowing more time to be spent working outside. During terrace time today, I chose to focus on the sounds around me instead of just viewing the world with my eyes. First I heard dogs barking all around me, some sounded like bigger dogs with lower pitched barks, while others were smaller dogs with higher pitched barks. That went on for about 10 minutes, before all the dogs finally settled down. Once in a while there would be the sound of a truck driving by. Other than that, you could only hear the sound of cars and traffic faintly, and that was if you listened closely. Furthermore, dogs were not the only animal making noises and calling out to each other. There were also the sounds of chickens or roosters squawking back and forth to each other. They must be very common here since I also heard them calling out loudly during my morning run before breakfast. However, although there may have been a lot of animal noises, there were barely any noises made by humans. I was amazed by how quiet it was here, since these opportunities are very rare back home in Shanghai. In the future, I plan on using my other senses to observe the surrounding environments here in XiZhou. 


Hey, my name is Nicole and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in San Francisco, California and my parents are from Taiwan. Throughout my life I have moved 5 times so I am a pretty social butterfly. Leadership and taking risks are things that I feel confident at. Photography, dance, and swimming are my hobbies and passion. I had a very delightful time exploring new cultures on my microcampus experience in XiZhou and will miss it deeply!