Day 0-14. Prep for Departure


I'm not looking forward to this, to be very honest. I'm going to miss having my daughter around. She is my main source of entertainment! :-)  But this is something she needs, and so do we. She needs to learn to become more independent and take care of herself. 

I'm not too worried about the logistics, I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll have a few questions next week at the parents meeting, like how to get a non-smart phone. I went to China Mobile yesterday to buy one. They showed me the most basic model they have, and couldn't understand why I would want to a phone that does NOT connect to the internet and CANNOT download apps. :-) 

During the time the kids are away, I have at least one long business trip. I'm a bit concerned about that. If something goes wrong I'll be very far away. I  trust the school, however. SAS is well set up to deal with unexpected events, as we know from the flooding and other incidents last year.



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