Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Students taking in the scenery at the wind farms in Xizhou

Before I came to Xizhou, I wanted to escape the fast-paced city life of Shanghai and truly experience what a less-developed village would be like to be a part of for such a long period of time. I also felt really tired of the regular schedule in Shanghai, and I guess I just needed something new and fresh in my life. I suppose I did not foresee how much it would truly mean. First, there were the 4 pillars to keep in mind, then the relationships we develop, and the overall experience was way beyond my imagination in both positive and unexpected ways.

There were many challenges, such as completing the hike, planning out and completing our inquiry field research, and so much more. But unlike what I had doubted prior, these challenges did indeed make us stronger and help us improve. This has opened my eyes to so much more possibility, as now, I would be less afraid to try new things and less likely to back down when challenges occur.

Through this trip, I have also known the culture of a place in a unique way. I learned that the actual place could be really different from what travel guides and vacations websites would tell us. True, the information could match, but what one experiences through connecting and researching is very, very different than what it appears in text. From now, I will open my eyes more to the people and culture surrounding me.

After this trip, I realized that secretly, there was some part of me that wished for my previous life to be changed. Microcampus did provide this change, this freshness that I was looking for, and the skills and habits I have developed here are the most important things that I want to be able to bring back to Shanghai.


Hello! I'm currently 14 years old, I'm born in Illinois and I've lived in China my entire life. Microcampus was a great experience, forcing me out of my comfort zone and making me try new things.