Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

I came to Microcampus, looking for adventure and insight on the world that I live in. I wanted to learn from a new perspective and a new method. The concept of field research was quite new to me and so I wanted to understand it more. Furthermore, my sister had also gone to Microcampus and I wanted to see the village she described as great. I thought that I could explore something new and about people that I absolutely did not know. Overall, I think that I came to Microcampus because of my curiosity and how I realized that I did not know anything about Xizhou.

I thought that Xizhou was really traditional and not necessarily modern in certain ways. There were shops that seemed like an average store in Shanghai, filled with bright spotlights and expensive clothing, but then there were other stores, filled with little antiques that we interesting to people in the community rather than tourists. I found how modern this place has become, an example of globalization spreading across the world. 

When I came to Xizhou, I had a new understanding of why I came to Xizhou. I understood that it was the essence of a new culture and a new place that drew me to Microcampus. It was the sense of finding a niche in the world that drew me to Microcampus. I understood that I did not necessarily have a reason to come to Microcampus, but rather a goal and an objective to find something new and interesting. Little did I know that I would not only find something new but “someone”s that built the community that I lived in for 28 days. Furthermore, I found that it was the idea of being part of a small community, where I play a part in the action and what happens in the community, that brought me to Xizhou. I could see myself having an impact, especially since XIzhou is smaller than Shanghai. I wanted to make a good impact on the community and to do that, I must begin with informing myself of impact.

The question of why I came to Xizhou really changed as I got here. At first, I came because of the average and normal reasons, but without purpose. I came because it seemed like a great opportunity to grasp. Later on, I began to see the culture, the community, and the people, and from there, my purpose began to take shape and led me to the reason why I came to Xizhou. These two things mentioned in the previous paragraph explains my main purposes, the essence of culture and the notices of impact. I think that these things were so important and valuable, but can only be learned through a unique method, in my case, Microcampus. 


Cath, I can imagine that you

Cath, I can imagine that you would probably expecting Xizhou consist of rich Chinese Traditional culture, values and customs etc. but it turned out to be quite modernized. For the past decade China economy were booming hence modernized many rural areas consequencely turned many villages into tourism as a means of economic survival and culture preservation. Question is does “Modernization” descend upon China’s traditional villages and does the future still hold for village culture? I guess this is good argument for you to research on....
I am happy that your experience of MicroCampus in Xizhou is coming to an end. I am sure you will cultivate a lot in your life during Microcampus. More importantly do not take this for granted but give thanks to those people surrounding you who help and support you gone through the program. Cheers. Love Daddy

Hi! I am now 15 years old and go to the Cate School. I was 13 when I went to Xizhou. I have gone to SAS for about 5 years and beyond Shanghai, lived in Los Angeles. I am grateful to be able to go to experience the life of others in different cultures and to be able to witness and observe things from a learner's perspective rather than a tourist's. I liked experiencing new cultures and looking at things from both a tourist and student perspective. In a sense, this serene and vivid city has brought me to realize how everything and everyone works together, perhaps even not realizing it! This trip to Microcampus has helped build bonds with people I never knew, helped me understand a whole different style of living, and be able to learn in a new fashion.