Major Projects

The cornerstone of the academic experience for students participating in the Microcampus program will be their involvement in two major projects: an Inquiry Project and a Service Learning Project.

For their Inquiry Projects, students select a topic of interest and spend a significant portion of their time learning as much as they can about their chosen topic. This requires constant interaction with local experts who are kind enough to share their wisdom with Microcampus students. The process is carefully designed to give students plenty of room to explore their topic, while still giving clear guidance for students to help keep the project moving forward. Click here to see some samples of completed Inquiry Projects from previous groups.

Another highlight of the Microcampus experience for students is there involvement in a Service Learning project. During this project, students look to capture the life stories of the active elders living in the village of Xizhou. Service Learning differs from the typical approach to "service" as it is sometimes experienced in schools. Students are not simply doing a service project; indeed, the philosophy behind Service Learning is one that puts learning and understanding at the center of the process--rather than focusing exclusively on the act of giving to those viewed as "needy" or "less fortunate." The result of these projects is a respectful, permanent collection of stories, as told by members of the community who have truly lived in remarkable times. All student work is updated "real time" on the project website, and readers are encouraged to become involved by providing feedback about the projects. Click here to see samples of completed Service Learning projects.